Monday, May 18, 2009

The World Through Jenna's Eyes

A few posts ago, I posted pictures of Jenna throwing a tantrum because I took the camera away from her. Here are the masterpieces she was photographing. I think she has a an abstract kind of way. Enjoy!

This is the view from Jenna's favorite spot on the couch!

The Wonder Pets sitting in her princess scoop chair.

Part of Daddy...we like his pj pants!

A view of the couches

Pretty exciting stuff huh!?


Amy said...

Wow what a clean house. Mine is cover in toys all over the place.

Mammatalk said...

I have got to agree with Amy. What a clean house! ;-)

Jen said...

I would have to agree. She did a great job with the camera. I also agree with the other people who have posted...your house is so clean!