Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anticipating Easter

Jenna is SO excited for Easter! She's not even really sure what it's about, but she is ready!

A couple of weeks ago we took her to a photographer who was doing Easter photos with real live bunnies! Ever since then she has been all over Easter. Then the building where she goes to daycare decorated the flower pots outside with Easter grass, eggs and things. Every morning and afternoon when we take or get her we have to spend a couple minutes looking at the decorations. So...she begged us to decorate the house for Easter. Uh - I wasn't sure how to really do that, so we got out the Easter baskets and let her put them around the house, put the plastic eggs around and we decorated eggs. She had a lot of fun, but now asks everyday if it's Easter yet. It will be a long two weeks!