Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Apparently a couple nights ago Jenna decided we needed a reminder of what it will be like to have a newborn in the house. Now, it really wasn't' her fault, she had a cough so I gave her some medicine. It stopped the cough, which was great, but kept her up from midnight to 3 am! I don't mean up on and off and tired and whiny, I mean HAPPY. WIDE. AWAKE.

She kept coming in our room and just talking, asking questions. Here is one of our conversations at 2am!
Jenna - Mom, I wanna go outside and look for Robins.
Me - Robins?
Jenna - Yeah, you know, the kind of bird!
Me - Honey, it's the middle of the night, the Robins are sleeping.
Jenna - yeah, but where do they live?
Me - they lives in nests.
Jenna - do they make them?
Me - yes
Jenna - Where are they?
Me - honey, it's time for bed...

At one point I opened my eyes and she was standing next to me and started laughing saying "I sneaked up on you!"

She is for sure a funny girl, but we were quite tired the next day. Which will be totally normal here pretty soon! We are 37 weeks pregnant, and it looks like he will be here early! I'll keep you posted!