Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting What You Want 101

It's amazing to me how quickly toddlers learn the ways of manipulation and getting what they want. I sometimes think Jenna must teach a course in daycare, something like, "Getting what you want 101", because she is so good at it. Or maybe one of her partner's in crime, Kate, is a co-teacher!

We were at my parents the other night and from their backyard you can see a playground. Jenna loves parks. These are the conversations that took place.

Jenna: Mommy, I go to park!
Me: No honey, we are going to stay here and visit, it's getting late.
Jenna: I go ask Grandma and Grandpa...
(She stomps off)

Jenna: Grandpa, I hold your hand?! (places her hand on his)
Grandpa: Sure
Jenna: We go for nice little walk!

Moments later they are off through the field headed to the park. I swear, she didn't even ask Grandpa to go to the park, she just asked to hold his hand! Who could turn that down?

I am greatly fearing the tween years I hear so much about!


Amy said...

How funny is that. She wanted to really go and found the one who would hold her hand and lead her there. Too cute.

Bethany said...

That's too cute! Kids have a sneaky side, that's for sure!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my, they start the manipulation young, huh???? haha :)

Jen said...

Oh I love it when you share Jena stories with us. She sounds like a little character.

Hey, not to be a nag or anything but my week next week is totally open. (Well all but Tuesday) if you would like to meet for lunch.

Have a great weekend!

Chickie said...

That is too cute... Kids know the way to your heart that is for sure...

Executive Momma said...

How sweet...she has her grand daddy wrapped. I love it.