Friday, September 21, 2012

The Summer with the Hip Spica Cast

This summer did not go as planned...obviously!  Keeping a just turned two year old content and happy while in a hip spica cast was anything but easy.  Thank God for technology, Grant became pretty good at using the iPad and iPhone.  Actually, he'd wake up crying at 3:00am wanting to iPad.  Jenna was great with him and tried to involve him in as many things as she could.  If she was going to do something fun she would not talk about it in front of Grant.  She was so considerate and would whisper about it to be so he didn't hear her and get upset.

Thank God for the iPad!

Getting some tummy time to give his little butt a break!

Daddy trying to feed him.  We tried everything, he did not eat too much for a few weeks.

One of the first smiles from both of us in that first week.

Big sister laying in the hospital bed with Grant.
Even though Grant is now running around again and this is all a memory, it brings tears to my eyes to see these pictures, it was such a hard time. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grant's 2nd Birthday

I'm going to back up a bit.  On Saturday, June 16th we had a small birthday party for Grant's 2nd Birthday.  The next day is when he broke his femur.  The party was fun, it was a Cars theme and he had a great time.  He still randomly will talk about "Cars Birthday Party!"

He is the sweetest kid, so funny and my little cuddler.  He is talking really well and loves doing whatever Jenna is doing. 
Some things he loves: reading, dancing, eating, singing, playing cars, playing with balls, "scaring" us, watching Elmo, and wrestling with Daddy and Jenna.

Who would have thought he wouldn't be able to enjoy his new Cars scooter for two months after he got it!?

At his two year doctor appointment (after his cast was taken off) he weighted 25 pounds (he lost a pound or two during the ordeal) and was 34.5 inches tall.  He's in 80th percentile for height and only 25th percentile for weight.  I guess two pounds makes a big difference when you're only 34 inches tall.

We love you so much buddy!  You complete our family and we love seeing you become you!  You make me laugh every day and add more joy to our lives. It's so fun to see you and Jenna together, she is a great big sister and you are a great brother!  I hope you two continue to have a great relationship!

Love always,

Your Mama

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hip Spica Cast

Life in a hip spica cast for a just turned two year old is no fun.  There were many tears shed those first couple of weeks.  There were so many unknowns, questions, fears, worries, and a lot of helpless feelings. 
You can't see the harness, but Grant had to lay down in the car, with this special harness that connected to the seat belt. 
Looking back the first couple weeks in the cast were made worse by Grant still being in pain, having muscle spasms, being on some hard medicine, not pooping, not sleeping, not eating, etc.  There were so many other factors than just the physical cast.  The very hot summer we had didn't help, we literally were stuck in the air-conditioned house, unless we went for a walk early in the morning.

Our early morning walk on Grant's 2nd Birthday, June 19
I had a constant feeling of wishing it was me that was hurt, and then feeling sick to my stomach and helpless about Grant.  My mind kept going and going about what I could do with Grant to keep him content, busy, not thinking about his cast, eating and drinking enough, just anything to pass the time. 

The picture doesn't do it justice, but you can see a small normal ankle and foot and a swollen hurt one. 
Our (luckily) still empty formal dining room became a hospital room.  We had a hospital bed for Grant (and us when necessary) to sleep in, so he could be elevated and close to us, we had a pediatric wheelchair, and the special harness to transport him in the car since he couldn't sit in the car seat.

One of our many activities that lasted all of two minutes

Every day when I felt my lowest I'd think of the amazing parents who have kids with special needs or even kids with hip dysplasia and are in hip spica casts for months, sometimes years.  They are truly angels, this is no joke, by far, the most challenging thing I've been through.  Logically I knew it could have been worse, but what we were dealing with everyday was so hard.  I had to take FMLA at work, and basically our whole summer flew out the window. 
My poor sweet Grant!  I'm so glad your memory of this will only be through pictures and stories.