Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

It's been a few months since we've taken he kids to an indoor water park and Jenna has been dying to go.  One night we told her we had a surprise (we were just taking them to the ice cream store) and she asked if we were either going to Paris or Great Wolf Lodge. 

We finally planned a trip and decided to stay for two nights instead of one.  We had a lot of fun and the kids did great.  Grant was old enough to enjoy the little kids slides and the outside water area too.  After two nights it was time to come home, we were broke!  I think we spend $40 in the arcade and ended up with about $3.00 worth of prizes, but Jenna and Grant loved it.  

Jenna with Wolfy and Violet after pj story time

Model pose

The kids with their MagiQuest wands.  Grant didn't have a real wand, he'll probably be ready next time.

Playing outside in the spray pad!

Doesn't Jenna look so small with Grant on her lap?!

Story time...can you tell Grant is tired?

Jenna's pedicure at the Kid's Spa - Scoops.  It's a whole ice cream theme.

She loved being pampered!

Monday, June 4, 2012


This is a conversation between me and Jenna yesterday.  She really asks some tough questions sometimes.

Jenna: Mom, where does God live?
Me: In heaven.
Jenna: What does he do there?
Me: He takes care of people who don't live on earth anymore.
Jenna: You mean like, they're dead?
Me: Yes honey.

a few seconds of pause

Jenna: Does God love zombies too?
Me: Yeah, I think God loves everyone. (thinking, where the heck is she going with this and how does she even know what a Zombie is?)
Jenna: Even if they are being bad like a zombie?
Me: I think God wants us all to be good, but he still forgives and loves people who are bad too.