Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Funny Things

I wanted to get these things down on paper (or the Internet) of funny things Jenna has been saying lately. She is such a little adult. She hears us talk and tries to do the same.

When Erik or I get home or pick her up at daycare she will ask, "How your day? I had good day."

She always says, "What are you doing daddy?"

When you ask her if she wants to do something she will say, "I'd like to!"

She will tell people to have "sweet dreams."

Last night, we took a bike ride to the ice cream place and she kept saying, "I having pretty good time." Oh my, it was so funny.

She also is speaking Spanish thanks to Dora. She counts in Spanish and the other night in the car she started yelling, "HELP ME, AYUDA ME!" Erik said what the heck is she saying?

She definitely knows what she wants and wants to do it herself. Almost everything is faced with "I do it MYSELF!"

But, she is also still a goofy toddler. Where she learns some of this stuff I don't know. She has this chair that she flipped over and sat on it and said, "I am cowboy! Yeah haw!" It was so funny, I tried to get a picture but she got off before I could.

So, my little baby is growing up but also still my little baby! (and still doing that goofy "cheese" smile)


Jen said...

I love when kids start acting like little adults and start repeating what they hear us say. Just watch out not to say something "bad"

Want to try and do lunch maybe one day early next week?

That Girl said...

You must stop her now or it will only get worse. Soon she will be sassy and rolling her eyes. lol

little cutie!

Bethany said...

So stinking adorable (both her AND the things she says). I love this age because they are so totally random sometimes! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, she's precious!! Can I come baby-sit??? haha!! :)

The Pifer's said...

I thought I was following you?!!? I blame that too on the fertility meds, HAHA!!! :)

Thank you for your sweet comment! I am DEF. following you now sweetie!!!!


Chickie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am waiting on a blog makeover so it is kind of plain jane right now...

My niece speaks spanish all the time thanks to Dora and her favorite is "help" and "stop" it is hilarious!!!

I hope you have a great day!

Amy said...

She is way cute. My little one just said "ove you" for the first time. Have fun watching her grow and what she says.

K said...

So cute.

I love the stuff kids say.

Rachael said...

what a doll!

Frances said...

Awww, so cute. My little girl is now 12 and though extremley brainy manages to come out with the most ridiculous comments..... 'Hey, I never knew Georgie (thats her great grandma) had had children' oh dear! Her friends and I then tried to explain the family tree..
Just watch what you say as your little one will repeat and life can be embaresing!

Amy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you.

Whitney said...

That's so neato that she's speaking in Spanish!! I love that!! Hope you had a fantabulous mothers's day!

Rachel said...

ayudame! that smile so so cute its killing me!