Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dear Grant - 2 months

Dear Grant,

You are now two months old. Overall it's gone really fast, but there have been times and days where it's gone quite slow.

You are growing like a week and getting cuter every day. Your eyes are still blue and you still have your hair. I wonder what the next few months will bring? You are smiling at times now, but you make us work for it still. I can't wait to hear your little laugh.

Your sister still loves you so much. She is so great with you and you like to look at her when she talks to you. You're the one she misses and always wants to say goodbye to when she leaves for preschool.

While your Dad and I love you so much, you are a difficult baby. We are pretty sure you have colic and refulx and look forward to the next month or two when those issues tend to get better. You spit-up like I've never seen. I'm hopeful since I've heard that many fussy colicy newborns turn into very happy babies!

There are lots of changes we see in you since you've been born. You like to watch things now, TV, toys that make noise, you also spend time just looking at us, which I love. I love just cuddling with you with your head nestled into my neck. I want to remember that feeling forever.

Your Stats:

11 lbs. 13 oz.

22 inches

Size 1-2 Pampers Swaddlers

Size 0-3 and 3 month clothes
Date of first smile - 08/09/10 - a great day to remember!

We love you always and forever!

Your Mom

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Summer of "Firsts"

When Jenna is not busy being a great big sister she is doing a lot of "firsts". Here are just a few examples.

Her 1st time feeding a baby!

Her first time golfing! She and Daddy had a great time!

Her first time splashing in a huge rain puddle!

Luckily it was bath night!

Her first day of Preschool! My big girl!

Jenna, we love you so much! I can't believe you are 3.5 and started preschool. Of course you love it and put excitement and life into everything you do!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Thing He's Cute!

It's a good thing Grant is so cute! The poor guy has been dealing with some stomach discomfort and a lot of spitting up! I feel so bad for him but at the same time it's so frustrating for me too. These issues can lead to lots and lots of crying, fussiness, and both of us having to change shirts a lot. We are working on different formulas and meds, hopefully we will see a change soon.