Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Grant and Jenna,

Dear Grant and Jenna,

This is just a quick letter to let you know I do realize I owe you both letters, updates, and pictures on the blog. But, the truth is, I can't keep up with my life! I try to tell myself not to worry about my never ending to do list and to enjoy every moment I have with the two of you. I know I will get adjusted and things will get easier, but for now, I can't do it all.

My organization obsession is only lending me more stress right now. I have multiple lists on my memo pad on my phone. Long term to do's, regular to do's, to buy list, groceries, etc. Each night we get home from work and are busy nonstop. We make and feed bottles, make dinner, eat dinner, give you both baths, try to pick up in the inbetweens, play time, getting ready for bed, read books, put you to bed. Then we clean up, wash and prepare bottles for the next day, maybe finish laundry or go through paperwork for daycare, maybe sit on the couch for a few minutes of tv, then go to bed to do it all over again. I know this is nothing special, and every parent goes through it, but I still feel the need to explain it to you. The math just doesn't add up, going from one kid to two is more than double the work... What in the world did I do before I had two kids when I thought I was busy?!

With all that said, I love you both more than anything! I try to play with you, remember these times and enjoy the moments when we are all together. My ultra organized self may have to take a back seat to crumbs and dirty burp clothes on the floor, screaming filled car rides, birthday cards getting sent late or not at all, and a crazy life where I'm never able to catch up.

But, I wouldn't change a thing. In the words of Jenna, after realizing she and Grant both slept all night long the other night, "We sure are great kids."

Yes honey, you sure are!