Thursday, October 30, 2008

Babies and Animals

Jenna's at a stage where she is obsessed with "babies" and "amimals" (as she says). She has a ton of baby dolls and stuffed animals, and until about a month ago, couldn't have cared less about them.

Now it's a different story. She has to have at least two of them with her all the time. She brings them to daycare too. She has about 10 different babies and animals in her crib, she hardly has room to lay down! Every morning when I go in to get her up we have to talk about all the animals and she tries to pick up three or four at a time, and then I try to pick her up with all the animals! It's not easy.

There names are always whatever they are...
So, right now the favorites are:
Baby (she has three dolls that are all baby)
Boo (a ghost)

She takes care of her babies too. Even is she is upset or crying about something she will take the time to offer Lion "a bite" or "a drink" before she takes a bite or drink herself.

Most recently, my mom carved her a pumpkin with a face and the moon and stars on it. I finally put the darn thing outside, but until then, it was sitting on the couch with her! She was trying to feed pumpkin, read to him, and put him to "nite nite"! She covers up her babies and animals with a blanket and says "nite nite" then two seconds later she pulls the blanket from them and yells "Get up baby!"

I swear she did not learn that from us! We value her time sleeping!

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Rick said...

She's got that "mommy thing' bad. At least, when you have another child, she'll be around to help. At least, until she gets tired of that one.