Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hey There Little Red Riding Hood...

Halloween 2008 was a hit! Fun was had by all!

At daycare they did a parade through the Medical Care Facility so all the old people could see the kids and their costumes. Jenna would say "Happy Ween!" It was SO cute!

She had a blast trick or treating. She went up to all the doors and would say "Trick or Treat!" She didn't like people putting candy in her basket. I think she thought they were going to take candy away from her. She would do an interception between their hand and her basket. She would take the candy from them and then put it in her basket herself.

Hmmm...what to eat first!?!?

Oh - AND Jenna went potty on her potty for the first time Halloween Night! GO JENNA!

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