Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dear Jenna - 22 months

Dear Jenna,

Tonight at 7:24 pm you were 22 months old! Two months away from being two years! Sometimes I can't believe you are getting so big and independent. You are no longer a baby who depends on your mommy for everything. You can get yourself snacks, can put your shoes on, (even though there is no guarantee they are on the right feet) you can go up and down stairs, and you can even restart the DVD to play the Elmo Movie yet again.

Of course there are still lots of things you need your dad and me for, and that makes us very happy. Your dad often says he wishes you would stay this age and size forever. He wants to bottle up his little peanut because you are so much fun right now. Your innocence of the world and the stresses of live are so refreshing. Your vocabulary is expanding every day and now is usually full sentences instead of just words. Your energy is never ending and your ability to make us laugh all the time and warm our hearts with your smile is something we look forward to every day.

Of course, life is busy and is full of many different roles for me, but NONE are as important or meaningful as being your mommy. I hope you always know how much I love you and how smart, beautiful, and amazing you are. I wish you would be able to remember days like today, when the three of us just played and read and hung out together all day.

I also hope you know how much joy you bring into the lives of our family. How lucky are you to have three Papa's and two Gramma's and NINE great grandparents, who love you so much! In addition to many other family and friends, you are well loved. I wish every child could have a life like you do.

Well, enough of me being sappy! I love you more than words can say!
Happy 22 months!

Love always and forever,

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