Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You get what you pay for!

This last weekend we went up to Alpena to visit Erik's family. We love seeing everyone, it is the travel that's really hard with Jenna. We're talking about an almost two year old who can't do any one thing for more than five minutes. She never sits still, ask anyone, they can vouch for me! My daughter does NOT sleep in the car like some kids do either.

So, I always try to come up with ways to make the three hour drive a little easier. Of course, the typical: we take snacks, sippy cups, books, the DVD player with lots of Elmo, Dora and Blue's Clues, and we often get her a McDonald's chicken nugget happy meal for the ride. She loves french fries and eating the whole thing takes her a while.

This time, I decided to try something I read in my Parents magazine. I went to the Dollar Store and bought $12 worth of crap! Then Erik wrapped everything so we had 12presents for her. The time to unwrap each item and then play with it for a few minutes took up some time.

Well, by the time we got home most of the toys were already broken! I guess that's why they are only $1. The wheels had broke off the toy cars, the princess jewelery had a broken necklace, earring and broken bracelet, and we had more wrapping paper in the car then at some holidays!

So, in theory, it was a good idea and took up a little time. In reality, she was still saying "Out, all done" when we were only 30 miles into the trip.

Any one else have any more ideas?


Kristyn said...

Hey Jodi!
Have you ever seen those sticky scenes - like this:

They stick on car windows, so she could 'decorate' the car.
Or what about one of those backseat mirrors that you'd put on the back of your seat and she'd see herself. Would that occupy her?

I'm tryin' here!

Jodi said...

Good idea, I like the car stickers. The mirror worked when she was younger, but no longer. I'll try to stickers. Thanks! I can always count on you for good kid ideas from your class! Love ya~

Kristyn said...

Also, I was thinking, we have a lot of cute CDs in our class - some are sing a longs (but not necessarily obnoxious kid songs) and others are from shows they know that are still tolerable (ex - Jack Johnson from Curious George). Does she get into music at all? I know that can be sort of hypnotic. If she does, let me know and I can send you some great cds.
love you both!!