Monday, October 13, 2008

Tales from the Robinette Household

Jenna is talking more and more and it's so fun to watch her and hear what she comes up with. Now, it is sometimes hard to decifer and sometimes it is just Erik and I who can figure out what she is saying, but she can get her point across!
Now, Mom of the year here, my daughter can say...

Coffee and Chocolate. Opps!

Some of her favorite phrases/words right now are:

Here ya go
I got you
Sorry [insert name: mama, baby, daddy, papa](she gets to say that one a lot!)
Shoes on
Elmo movie

Yesterday she picked up my phone and said, "Call Gramna" It is pretty funny to see her using a blackberry!

This weekend I bought the halloween sugar cookies that have the black cats in them and thought it would be so fun for the two of us to put them on the cookie tray and watch them bake for the eight minutes. Well, I decided to try this with her in the middle of a breakdown. She got even more mad and threw herself on the floor when she couldn't eat the cookie dough. I even gave in and tried to give her a bite, the damage was already done though, she was mad. So, my vision of Jenna and I making cookies together was ruined by the reality of a tired 22 month old who didn't get her way!

Last night Erik and I were laying in bed and here is our conversation:

Me: Do you think I should sign Jenna up for dance or gymnastics or something?

Erik: You're kidding right?! She's 22 months!

Me: No, they have classes for kids her age, and she loves to jump and dance.

Erik: She can jump and dance at home!

End of conversation! Good night.

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Lyndsay said...

Tell Erik that Jenna and Kate do enough damage when they dance around at home ... they need dance class :)