Monday, January 10, 2011

True Life

Monday Morning...good to see you!

No, I'm not being sarcastic.

It's true, I feel like world's worst Mom, but I'm glad it's Monday. Having kids is the best thing ever, but also, truly the hardest!

Grant is teething and has a cold, and yesterday evening was one of the worst with him. Finally Motrin and teething gel calmed him down, and thank God, he slept all night.

I love him more than anything, but if you stop by my house you will see us in old lounge clothes with not just burp clothes, but BIG receiving blankets draped over us at all angles. Grant spits I don't mean a little spit up now and then. This is crazy spit up. When he was a newborn, I was actually hoping he had Pyloric Stenosis and would need surgery just so it might get better. Then I hoped by 6 months it would be a lot better, then by the time he was sitting up, then when he was eating some solids. Well, all of those mile markers have came and went and it's not better.

I fear going anywhere with him because he will soak me or wherever we are. I fear anyone else holding him, I warn them, and they say it's fine, but they honestly have no idea of the magnitude of his spitting up. Even his big sister, who loves him more than anything, will tell him she's "frustrated" with him spitting up. It's bad if he eats 2 ounces, or six. It's bad if he just ate or ate three hours ago. It wakes him up. The poor ladies at daycare, they are sweet and say it's not a big deal, but it has to be. They walk around with a spray bottle of cleaner to clean up the floor, toys, wherever it lands. When he started at daycare I brought a bunch of burp clothes, and they said so innocently, "Oh, we provide burp clothes, 2 per child." Bless their hearts! I told them that was no where near enough.

Luckily, he's not in pain and it doesn't' seem to bother him much. Let me tell you, it bothers us and our water and electric bill from all of our laundry we have to do. It also bothers our carpet, couches, and clothes. Oh and even better, now it can be colored spit up! Isn't that great?! Maybe orange sweet potato flavored, or green's nice!

Yes, we've tried different formula, different bottles, rice cereal in his bottles, 3 different types of medicine, different feeding's not getting better. His pediatrician is FINALLY referring us to a specialist. I think she thought it would be getting better by now. IT'S NOT! Every time we have a doctor appt. for Grant I pray he will spit up like crazy in front of her so she can see how much I'm NOT exaggerating. Isn't that awful? Last week he did it for the nurse, which is better than nothing. She's always said "some babies are just spitter uppers, he's growing well and doesn't seem in pain. He'll grow out of it." I guarantee if she came to our house for one day, she's be thinking differently.

I dream of the day I can hold my baby without being covered in burp clothes, without having to change my shirt or pants because they become a victim too. I dream of the day I can lift him up over my head and play with him, without getting a face mask of spit up. dreams sure have changed over the last 4 years.

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Amy said...

OH know I hope he feels better. No fun.. Thanks for you kind words today..