Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jenna's birthday and Christmas!

Jenna turned four on December 19! She is getting so big. We celebrated her birthday from December 11 - 24, I think she was a bit confused, but of course, not complaining!

Christmas was also great, visiting with all the families, and the kids got beyond spoiled. Jenna LOVED opening presents and decided that "Grant wouldn't mind" if she opened his for him too!

Grandpa S. reading Jenna one of her new books. She is a book worm!

Celebrating her 4th birthday with Grandma S., I don't know who was more excited!

A Tinkerbell birthday cake!

I'm FOUR years old!! YAY!!

Aunt Kristyn and Jenna coloring a Tinkerbell!!

Jenna and me...with one of her classic goofy faces.

Grandpa GG (81), Kristyn (29), and Jenna (4)! Celebrating three birthday's at once! There was a lot of singing and candles that day! What a great tradition!

Jenna LOVES her Tinkerbell couch from Aunt Kourtney and Uncle Tim! Looks cozy!

Grandma GG and Grant!

Erik and his Mini Me...Grant!

Santa came!!! We had to go check when Jenna got up at 6:30, she was upset she didn't hear jingle bells and thought Santa didn't come. Thankfully he did come, and brought lots of presents, including that great doll house!
Another year down!

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marsha said...

Hi Jodi,

You are such a great Mom! Do not feel guilty about the blog--do not! Your hands are so full right now. Having said that, I sure do love the pictures, your gift for writing and capturing your "crazy life". It is such a good way for me to stay connected to you. I miss all of you terribly and hope I can see you soon. I love you. AM