Monday, February 8, 2010


This has become one of Jenna's new words. She has suddenly gotten an attitude and uses words such as:
Never mind
Chill out Mom!
UGH...(rolls eyes and runs off)
I don't care!

I'm not sure when my 3 year old became a 13 year old?! I also don't know where she got all this from. I'm sure it's the normal ways: cartoons, kids at school, okay; I may say fine every now and then.
She is such a sweet girl most of the time, and she literally can change moods in an instant and bring out the attitude. It's always something!


Amy said...

I saw you stopped by today. I will be by tomorrow to read your post I am sick.. Have a great day..

Jaime & Jamee said...

Wait until she is 5. Delaney has come up with things that I KNOW I didn't say until middle school. The other day she was in the kitchen and I was "resting" on the couch. She was being awfully quiet so I asked her what she was doing and her reply was, "Nevermind, just go back to sleep." I was shocked and she and I had a little talk about respect!!!

Amy said...

Oh this is too funny. I should not laugh my two year old says no and does things I just wonder when she did turn 16 over night. Have a great day..