Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And it starts...

I am truly amazed at what people have the nerve to say, especially to a pregnant lady. Do people really have no tact or thoughtfulness?
When I was pregnant with Jenna I got to the point where every time someone tried to offer or tell me advice on what I should or shouldn't do, or eat or anything, I would respond back with, "Oh, wow, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were an OB doctor!!" It shut them up every time.

Looks like it's starting again. So far, I've had two insensitive rude comments made to me, I'm only halfway there.

Last week a lady asked me if my pregnancy was planned or a surprise. Seriously - do you have a right to know that or even really want to know the answer? What if I had said,
"Oh, total surprise, I hate babies and can't believe I'm pregnant!" What would she have said?

Or does she want the other story,
"Planned, we tried for a year, had a miscarriage, went to the doctor, had multiple tests done, was charting, temping, planning, and scheduled an appointment with an RE before we found out we were pregnant."

Honestly people, think before you speak. Just say, "Congratulations, that's so wonderful!" And be done!

My next rude conversation was just last night. An older couple asked me when I was due, I'm just starting to show more, here is the conversation.

Them: So, how much longer do you have?
Me: A while, due date is very beginning of July.
Them: Oh wow, you must be like me honey, have you gained a lot of weight?
Me: (trying not to hit them) No, actually I've only gained one pound and I'm halfway done. Everything is on track and we are having a boy. (me trying to change the subject.)
Them: Well, yes, a BIG boy!!!

Honestly...I don't know how much more of this I can take! What should my comeback be this time???


Angie Armstrong said...

Wow-Wow-Wow! Personally I think you look darn good! Only 1-lb, you're a brat! ha....

When people you don't know ask you about being pregnant, just start crying and tell them you're not! That will get them. ha


Lesley said...

lol...I sooooo understand....I think I would have said....ummm...are you done with your fries?

Amy said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. People can be so stupid. That was the biggest thing I realized when I dealt with infertility for 2 years before getting pregnant with Ryan - people say things they REALLY shouldn't - and it can be so so hurtful. I really wish there was more AWARENESS.


Jaime & Jamee said...

The best I heard was when people were talking about "pregnant brides," and someone turned to me and said, "oh Jaime, I'm sorry..." Except I wasn't a pregnant bride. I was drinking at my wedding for pete's sake! I got pregnant on my honeymoon (planned thank-you very much) and had her 3.5 weeks early. Do the math people, but thanks for making me feel like I was a fat bride!