Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unfortunate Reminders and a Renewed Perspective

I recently found Layla's blog and I was in tears almost immediately reading it. Poor little Layla and her family are fighting an awful cancer that invaded Layla's two-year old body. They now have Hospice with them and are praying and hoping for a miracle, but realize her fight may soon be over.

I can't find the words to describe how I think I would feel if this were me and my family, but the tears streaming down my face while I was reading her posts gave me only a hint of an idea. While I pray for Layla and her family, I can't help but be reminded of all the harder parts of being a parent and how I wouldn't change those for anything in the whole wide world.

Last week Jenna got an awful stomach virus and was in ER getting an IV and fluids, along with blood work and an x-ray. That was so hard for Erik and I to watch, and I sit here now thinking that type of day for Layla and her family would probably feel like a vacation!

This is a great reminder for me, with all the stress and busy days of our life; take every nagging toddler, screaming baby, tantrums, and annoyances that keep us from getting things done everyday and cherish those moments. Unloading the dishwasher can wait if Jenna is asking me to read her a book, the laundry will still be there tonight. If she wants to help make dinner, which really means it will take double the time, let her. Play, read, cuddle, and don't take any moment for granted!

Jenna - I love you more than words can say. In your three years, you've brought your Dad and I so much joy, laughter, hope, and happiness. We can't imagine life without you and realize how lucky we are. I LOVE YOU!

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Jen said...

OMGosh...I read Layla's blog last nigt. I too sat there reading with tears streaming down my face. I can not even imagine what her Mom must be feeling. How awful.

I hope Jenna is feeling better. Hey, let me know when you are in Midland again...maybe we can go to lunch someplace.