Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sign of the Times

Sometimes Erik and I will talk about Jenna and what her future holds. We also laugh about how she is being brought up in such an age of technology.

She has played with our cell phones since she could pick them up. She also thinks calculators are either phones or remote controls. We were at my grandparents over Christmas and they have a land line and the phone isn't even cordless. It has a long curly cord hanging from it's spot on the wall. Jenna walked over to the cord and held it and then looked up at the big phone it was attached to. We just laughed, thinking she has never seen a phone with a cord!

As soon as I take a picture she comes over to me and says, "I see it." She wants to look at the picture I just took. She will never believe me when I tell her that when I was little we weren't able to look at the picture right away and then delete them if we wanted. She also won't that until I was in late middle school, maybe even early high school, we didn't have easy access to the Internet and the tools it offers.

Tonight we were playing with her Fisher Price Laughtop.

I asked her if she wanted to play the letter game on it and she looked at me over her glasses and said, "No Mama, I email." Then she started typing really fast on her computer. It was so funny but also a little sad.

Times like these are when I am especially thankful her grandparents, great-grandparents, and other family members are SO good about sending her good-old- fashioned mail! She loves getting cards in the mail and it's just not the same as an email!


LovesTooSing said...

Wow thats crazy. I hope our new generation of kids, dont get so hyped on techonolgy

Lauren Kelly said...

Haha!!!! It's amazing how fast technology is changing, and who knows what will be around when Jenna gets older!

Whitney said...

That is so darling, "I email." I love it. What a sweetheart. I hear you about how fast technology is, it's a little crazy to think about.

Jaime & Jamee said...

This is so funny. My children also expect to "see" the picture every time I take it. Recently my digital camera broke so I had to bring out my ginourmous canon rebel 35mm and Laney just couldn't figure out why it "wasn't working"

Mammatalk said...

It's a different world now, isn't it?