Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Jenna - 27 Months

Dear Jenna,

I feel like I just wrote your 26 month letter! I'm sure if I go back and read past letters, they say a lot of the same things. I will reiterate again, I cannot picture my life without you! You have only been part of my 27 year life for a little over two years, yet it feels like you were always supposed to be here.

I notice more and more how much of a big girl you are, physically and emotionally. You are still in your crib (because I see no sense of adding another stress of you getting out of bed seven times after we've put you down, because you need something) but you are so big in there. No longer curled up in the corner; you take up the whole crib between you, your blankets, and the 18 stuffed animals and babies you have to have sleep with you. We are lucky parents with the fact that you actually ask to go to bed and take a nap. On the nights when you aren't quite ready to go to sleep yet, you will say, "two minutes, I relax".

You also have a weird obsession with Swiper the Fox and every morning you ask where he is. I think your dad got you started on this, but not it's a common conversation. You ask where he is and then say, "Nope, not in here", or "Swiper, get out of my toys." The other weekend when your grandma and grandpa were over you did not want to go to bed. You started yelling, "Help, I'm stuck in my bed....Grandpa....HELP!" It was so cute.

You are full of spunk and determination. You seem to think you are the boss (and sometimes you are) and don't take no for an answer very easily. This is where the crying and throwing yourself to the floor takes place. But, you also try to offer other suggestions. For example, you will ask for a brown sugar poptart and I'll say no. You don't just give up, you will say, "How about sucker? How about cheese? How about M&M's?"

Happy 27 months! You are the light of our life and we love every (almost every) minute with you! Thanks for bringing such joy and laughter to us!

Love always,

Your Mama


Jaime & Jamee said...

Gosh Jodi I remember when Laney was 2 years old and it seems like it was literally last year and now we have to go to Kindergarten Round up! I understand why people say "it goes by too fast." Jenna gets cuter every post I read!

Pistolmom said...

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Jen said...

That was such a sweet letter! I like that you share your letters with all of us.

I can tell she is getting big just from the pictures you have posted on your blog. Time sure goes by fast.

Whitney said...

What an adorable post! I love that, "two minutes I relax." So cute!!!! Jenna is the epitome of "Good Baby" so everytime I come to your blog I think, "I want a baby!"

Holly said...

I love this! What a beautiful idea and a great way to make intentional memories. ;)

Lauren Kelly said...

This was beautiful and she's soooo precious!!! :o)

Margaret said...

She is so cute. You have to love a child that likes to go to bed. My son did and still does, but it is a struggle with our daughter. It has been since day 1. She just doesn't like to sleep.

Sarahlcc♥ said...

Hi, welcome to SITS girls. Swiper, no swiping! Sorry, I couldn't resist. I hope you had a fruitful Monday. :-)

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by via SITS to say Hello.
I enjoyed reading.

Mammatalk said...

Sweet, sweet letter to your daughter. What a doll!