Sunday, December 28, 2008

We Survived!

We managed to survive Jenna's birthday on the 19th and then six different Christmases between the 20-25th! We saw lots of family and some family who haven't seen Jenna in over a year! They all said how good, cute, smart, funny she is! She was really well behaved...I guess I owe her a couple suckers for that one!

Jenna received so many presents she actually got sick of opening them. We just finished the last of them yesterday! She loved opening presents this year and also loved handing out presents to other people. She told me that Santa was going to bring her two presents, so Santa...Way to go! You exceeded her expectations! Her big gift from Santa was a large party time play kitchen. She loves "cooking" things now, and is always bringing me coffee.

We are now headed into a week of Jenna and Mommy time, as I'm off work and daycare is closed. Daddy will be at work, so I hope with all of her new toys we can keep busy. Now we just have to figure out homes for all of her new stuff...I hear a storage shed calling our name, or I would be happy with $20,000 to finish our basement!

Some Birthday Pictures

Christmas Pictures


Yellow Beads said...

Jenna is so dang precious!!! :) I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas!

CreativeMish said...
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CreativeMish said...

All of the pictures are adorable! It looks like she had a fabulous time!