Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Flying!

Update: We are recovering from the ER incident! Jenna has her bandages and wraps off and her hand is looking good. She is a drama queen though. She actually misses her "pretty glove" and wants her special lotion. We are now putting Neosporin on her fingers. Every once in a while she will say "hand hurt" or "ouchie" but I think she just knows that is her ouchie and wants attention! Her pinkeye is also gone, but we are still dealing with the eye drops! This usually involves a bribe of some sort to get her to lay down. The last couple of times the bribe has been to "fly", which leads me to the post below!

One of Jenna's new things is the run around the house with her arms out to the side and yell:

"I flying!! I flying!! Look, Daddy look!"

I caught a couple pictures of it last night, excuse the blurriness, it must have been because she was flying so fast! She also wants us to fly her and we do that first until we are out of breath and our arms hurt. It's not so easy to "fly" an almost 30 pound person while you are running around! Here she is in action!


Erik said...

Jenna, Last night your mother sat down over a glass of wine and jazz music and talked about how lucky we are to have you and how life cant get any better with you in our life. It was one of the most emotional/enjoyable conversations your mother and I have had in a LONG time. I love you more than anything sweetheart.

Love Daddy

Jodi said...

Aw, thanks for the comment honey! We did have a nice chat and walk down memory lane. Although, she looks SO different and has changed so much the past two years. That will be another post!

Mel said...

Oh how I wish I could be her age again and enjoy simple joys like "flying" around the house!

I'm glad to hear that she's recovering quickly and that she apparently wasn't too upset about the treatment!

MaricrisG said...

Jenna is way too cute! I'm sorry to hear about her little accident. My daughter whose name is also Jenna had way too many "little accident" to mention. I hope your Jenna's hand gets better real soon.

Jen said...

Jenna is SO CUTE!! I am glad her hand is doing better!