Friday, December 19, 2008

Dear Jenna - Happy Birthday

Dear Jenna,

Today you are two years old! I really don't know where the time went. You are now a little girl instead of a baby! Everyday you continue to amaze and me and your dad. Today we are having a snow storm, which is very different from the day you were born. Your daddy was so good at taking notes while I was in labor with you, and it was a partly sunny day with hardly any snow on the ground.

There are moments when I am just caught up in how fast you have grown and how big you have gotten. Sometimes, to me, you still feel like my little baby ; but then I look at you on my lap and your legs hang down to my knees, or I see a newborn baby in the store and can hardly believe, or remember, when you were ever that little.

This age seems to really be a favorite for us as parents. You cannot possibly be any cuter than when you are trying to sing a song. Your favorites are "Row Row Row Your Boat", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "ABC's", and "Rock-a-bye a Bear". I have to get you singing on video to cherish it forever.

Your vocabulary is never ending and new words are spoken every day. Sometimes we don't even know where you learned some of the things you say. You also like to clean! While this makes me very happy, you aren't the most patient person, and when the cleaning bug comes over you, you NEED a Clorox wipe NOW! You also love to dance, actually, usually it looks like a jumping spazzing type of alternative dance.

You are such a girly girl sometimes too, you love princesses and dresses. You also like to tell your animals, "He's nice" or "He's cute!" Things are cute or pretty to you. But...there is a "Handy Manny" side to you too. You are able to open the drawers in the kitchen now and you always get the screwdriver out and "fix" your toys and try to put "new batteries" in them. When you get out the screwdriver I always have a slight panic attack. I've read too many horror stories of kids running with them and having bad accidents. That is why I only let you play with it when you are sitting down and I'm right there. I can tell by your tantrums when I take it away that you don't understand this now, but someday you will thank me!

You also seem to be a creature of habit. Every morning when you get up you ask for cartoons, milk, and a poptart. (I know, it's not the best thing for you to eat, and I will not get MOM OF THE YEAR for this one, but when I'm trying to get ready for work, I need you to be not throwing tantrums, sorry!) I'm trying to wean you off of them.

When all is said and done, you are the light of our lives. We love you so much and take so much joy in you every day. We are so proud of you and lucky to have you in our lives. I look forward to every day with you. Happy 2nd Birthday sweetie!

Love always and forever,



Denise said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!!! Jenna's are the sweetest of girls-- I know because I have one too!

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Hope this helps!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday, Jenna. I know of 3 other people who are celebrating a birthday today, including my dad. Hope you had a good one.

Lyndsay said...

Happy Birthday Jenna! Hope you had a good little party tonight :)

Creative Mish said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!!! She has the most infecious smile! Such a cutie!