Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Awful Night

This last weekend we went to Boyne Mountain Resort with a few other families to take the kids to Avalanche Bay, the indoor water park.
The water park was a success, Jenna loved it. She loved to jump off the side of the kiddie pool into our arms. She even went down a couple of the big water slides with Erik.
The night, however, was not a success! We were in a great room, a suite, with three bedrooms and a kitchette and even a little play area for the kids with bunk beds. If they would have been a little older, it would have been a great bedroom.

We put a pack n play in our room for Jenna to sleep in. She went down great and I was so proud of her for going down easily in a strange room and bed. When we came to bed we were trying to be extra quiet. It worked for an hour or so, but then she woke up and realized we were in the room with her! DISASTER! Since we were with other families, we couldn't really just let her cry, so I picked her up and took her into bed with us thinking she would just fall asleep on me. I probably wouldn't have slept well but at least she would.

Well...that's not what happened. She was insistent on being awake and talking. She thought it was a game. She would lay down with me and then say "Get up Jenna!" She would lay down, Erik would start snoring and Jenna would immediatly sit up and put her hand to her ear and say, "I hear it...daddy," over and over again! I tried to put her back in her crib a few times, which resulted in cries and it started all over again. At one point I said, "Jenna Noelle, I am going to lose it!" She responds with, "Mama lose it!" It didn't help! It was a visious cycle!

Erik ended up getting up with her for the day at 3am! It was crazy! Needless to say, we were thankful to all be in our own beds the next night!

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