Monday, November 10, 2008

Trips to the Store!

Shopping with Jenna now has a new meaning. It used to be "hurry as fast as you can, grab a few things, get out the door before she gets grumpy." We still deal with that a little bit, but now it's much more hands on!

When we go to the store she now HAS to look at the toys. She isn't satisfied just looking at them while she sits in the cart. She has to get down and pick them up and try to open them, because she thinks they are "Mine", "I have it" , "Open!" This time of year, she also is fascinated by the Christmas tree display and the lights. "Lights, Pretty!"

I am proud to say my daughter is a girly girl! She gravitates right towards "Princesses" (barbies) and these Littlest Pet Shop things.

For those of you who don't have young kids, or don't watch the Noggin channel, you haven't had the privilege of being introduced to Yo Gabba Gabba This is a weird show and Jenna loves it, luckily the songs share good messages, but Erik and I think the creators of this show are on drugs. She especially loves Tuddie (the blue one). After our trip to Target, Jenna now has a little Tuddie doll. She carries her around, dances with her, feeds her and puts her to bed.

Yesterday at the store, Jenna grabbed a toy and gave it me while she said, "Here ya go honey!" It was so cute, hey, at least she shares!

Stay tuned for pictures of her and her Mrs. Potato Head! A new favorite!

Also - can you tell I finally decided to figure out how to insert a link?!? It wasn't even hard!

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