Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Lied!

Okay, remember in my letter to Jenna when I said I enjoy every moment???
I lied!
She has been sick and now fighting a cold and is just not herself! I know she doesn't feel well, and I try to remember that too, it's just hard when she is so cranky and doesn't want to do anything. You know she doesn't feel up to par when she doesn't want to go outside, color, eat fruit snacks or watch Elmo.
These are the moments when I think we are crazy for wanting another child sometime in the future!

Although, I have to give her props: today we took her to the doctor. For the first time in her young life she did not scream the whole time we were there! This is the little girl, who when we saw her pediatrician in the grocery store, started screaming "NO, ALL DONE, BYE BYE!"

Today Dr. Fox was trying to listen to her heart and for the first time ever Jenna was actually quiet. Jenna soon realized Erik, the Dr. and myself were all giving her praise, and started giving herself some too.
She started saying:
"Good girl! YEAH!" and clapping! It was a nice moment. In the words of Dr. Fox, "The little princess is maturing!"


Karen said...

Great idea Jodi! Jenna has PERSONALITY PLUS! It's hard when they don't feel well though - hopefully tomorrow she'll feel more like herself. Hang in there and enjoy.
Love you.

Lyndsay said...

It's those moments that bring us back to reality I think, LOL! Hope everything is back to normal for poor Jenna and poor Mommy!

Kristyn said...

hahah!! hang in there! I had a lil cutie in my class the other day say "'Scuse me Ms. Jewell" (that's what she thinks my name is) ... "Yes, Phoebe?" "I'm peeing my pants right now." "RIGHT NOW!?!" I said?! "Yes." She said, so calmly. So I totally understand the adorable/frustration relationship! Love you guys!!