Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Finally Did It!

Well, I guess this is my formal introduction to the world of blogging. I am copying a friend (thanks Lyndsay) and thought this would be a good way for friends and family to keep up on our lives. I have to admit, it feels a little weird, almost like I'm cheating on my scrapbook supplies and pictures down in the basement.
This weekend Erik is gone at a bachelor party, and Jenna, of course, got sick. I feel so bad for her and for myself! We had a rough day. Speaking of Jenna, here is a fairly recent picture! Pictured here is a happy 21 month old singing the "Dora the Explorer" theme song!


Lyndsay said...

CONGRATULATIONS ... welcome to the world of blogging. I don't think Jenna could look any cuter in that picture! Hopefully she's feeling better.

Cheerleaders said...

GeeGee & GeeGee wrote...

Great idea Jodi! The pictures & your words mean so much. A wonderful photo of the three of you taken on the beach. Jenna will appreciate this in days to come.

We love you, Grandma & Grandpa G.