Monday, September 29, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

On Friday my heart melted! Erik, Jenna and I were driving home from the Mardi Gras parade downtown. It was past Jenna's bedtime, but she was still in a great mood, probably on a candy high from the smatries she got at the parade!
Jenna is at an age where she repeats almost anything you say, or at least part of it. Lately, she will repeat "I Love You" but hers sounds like "I lull you."
On Friday evening, I looked back at her in her carseat and said:
"I love you Jenna."
She said:
"I lull you mama!"
Erik and I looked at each other and our hearts melted. It was such a nice moment and I'll remember it forever.
So, on days when I barely get out the door, and don't have it together at all, I'll remember this, and it makes it all worth it!

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