Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Jenna

Dear Jenna,

You are 21 months old and I have yet to even start your baby books and scrapbooks (Hanging head in shame). I had so many ideas, plans and so on, and just never found the time. I will do it sometime, but for now, this blog will act as my thoughts to you and sharing your stories to loved ones.

You have changed my life so much and I wouldn't change a thing! You have brought so much laughter and joy into the lives of your dad and me, and so many others. Your strong personality shines through, in good and bad ways! You are full of energy, very opinionated, happy, social, smart, beautiful and so much more. We are so proud of you everyday. You are learning so much at this stage and getting more and more independent.

Now, if we could just get you to pay attention when you are running through the house yelling "I got you!" then we could maybe have a few less bumps and bruises, or as you say, "Ouchies!" We love watching you dance and jump and your endless energy.

You are also starting to make decisions, granted you say whatever choice we said last...

Dora or Elmo? Elmo

Elmo or Dora? Dora

Juice or milk? milk

Milk of juice? juice

Anyway, I hope you know how much we love you and enjoy every moment we have with you. I can't believe you are almost two years old! I look foward to all we have to enjoy in the future!

Love always,


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Kristyn said...

Hey Jodi!
What a cool idea! I will love being able to see Jenna grow and hear about funny things she does on this!! Very cool...especially for aunts/cousins that are far away!!
Love you! Kristyn