Friday, June 5, 2009

Listen to the 2 year old!

Michigan is often teased to have only two seasons. Winter and Orange Construction season. Well, construction season is in full bloom. Here you drive through and see 18 workers and about three of them doing something. It makes most summer travel plans a pain.

Here is our conversation from the other evening.

Jenna: This road is bumpy!
Me: Yes, it is!
Jenna: Somebody needs to fix it!
Me: You're right, who do you think should fix it?
Jenna: Hmmm...let me think. I don't know, SOMEBODY!!
Me: Do you think you should fix it?
Jenna: No, I don't think so. Probably somebody else!

There ya have it! SOMEBODY needs to fix all these pot holes and bumps!

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Amy said...

I feel the same way. After the snow leaves the roads are horriable then you see the orange all over the place. Cute post. Thanks for stopping by agian. Have a great weekend.