Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Little Dictator

"A Little Dictator", that is what my grandpa called Jenna on New Years Eve! So funny and so true! For a little squirt she is a bossy little thing!

She usually insists and prepares for a tantrum tells you something instead of asking. She does do pretty well with please and thank you though.

And she is getting detailed with her demands requests. Not only does she need a poptart but now she needs a brown sugar poptart. The strawberry one simply isn't acceptable.

After having two weeks off of school and daycare we are all trying to get back into the routine of life. She has had a really hard time getting back to school and liking it. Yesterday she cried and had an overall grumpy day. This morning when I asked her to get her coat on, she started saying,

"No, sorry Mama! Stay home, watch cartoons..."

When I said that we had to go and I was sorry she then said,

"Ok, go to store!"

This was her way of saying she would get her coat on and we could get in the car but we better not be going to school!

As a mom, this is a hard thing, it sends me in a funk all day when she is so sad to go somewhere that she usually enjoys. One of her favorite teachers (and sometimes babysitters) was there this morning and she still didn't want to go. She does this cry/pout thing where she looks up over her glasses at me and her lip quivers. Ugh - daggers in the heart!

Finally she was content leaving me, but only to go see Oreo, the class guinea pig! I see where I rank!

I honestly don't know where she gets the bossy thing from, okay, maybe I do a little bit...


tara @ kidz said...

How do they learn to manipulate at such a young age!?!?

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

My little girl's new thing is saying what she needs over and over and over (like ten times in two minutes). She doesn't understand, "I heard you the first time, please give me a minute!"

That Girl said...

I have a bossy little girl too. Sadly, she does follow in my footsteps. ;)

(thanks for the comment on my blog)

The Rambler said...

Glad you came to visit!

Your page looks awesome. :)