Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's Hope He's a Gentleman!

Today I was dropping Jenna off at school (daycare) and one of her favorite friends, Jackson and his mom came in.

I should back up a bit...whenever she talks about school and her friends she mentions Myra and Dani (her teachers) and then Jackson and Wyatt. Jackson and Wyatt are her two best friends in the class. Okay - I am little concerned that they are both boys, but whatever...

So, this morning Jackson comes in and Jenna got excited and said "Hi Jackson." He then said hello back, smiled and hid in the comfort on his mom's leg and coat. His mom then tells me that every morning she asks Jackson if he had any dreams and he ALWAYS says "Yes, about Jenna!" EVERYDAY! He also says she is his girlfriend!

Then Miss Myra (the teacher) says "Oh, they are so cute, sometimes their cots are next to each other during nap time and Jackson always reaches out to make sure Jenna is still there!"

Oh great, so now they are sleeping by each other too!?!? I think Jackson is a great kid...but I'm a little worried about this. I hope he's a gentleman in training!


Jen said...

Sorry I've been a bad commenter the last few days.

I love hearing cute stories about little kids. So adorable!!

Jen said...

There's an Award waiting for you on my blog!!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

oh how sweet.

Kristyn said...

Oh my gosh Jodi! I am cracking up!! I love how he checks if she's still there! That could be the cutest thing I've ever heard... :)
i'm wondering if you should ask for more details on the dreams though.... ;)

Bethany said...

Aww how adorable is that? We have kids who are "nap buddies" too. Too cute!