Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making a house a home

Well, we moved! After we sold our house in three days we found a house we love, went through the negotiating process, inspection, appraisal, and finally closing. We actually closed on our old house and then our new house back to back. One week ago tonight was our first night sleeping in our new house. The first night was rough for the kids, Grant wasn't feeling the best and Jenna was worried about being upstairs and having us on the main floor. She slept with every light on. We are doing much better now. We're all getting used to the new house, new noises, new challenges (like all the stairs that Grant likes to go up and down and up and down) and the excitement. I just said to Erik a couple nights ago that the house is feeling more and more like ours and more comfortable. We are so excited to have this house be ours, make memories here and make it our home. We have pretty much unpacked all the boxes, but don't have one single thing on the wall yet. Lots to do to make it cozy and ours. Getting our new couch delivered would be nice too! Pictures will be coming soon! I am so thankful for all I have in my life! Most importantly, Erik and the kids, and our family and friends. We have jobs, a new house we LOVE, our health, happiness, and more.

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