Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Balancing Act

I probably have 27 posts titled this, but there is no better way to say it.  My life is a constant battle of balancing what I need to be doing, want to be doing, should be doing...and for who...the kids, work, the house, friends or family, or heaven forbid, myself.  My mind is running a constant to-do list, which currently lies at about 1 trillion things long. 

Like every other mother out there, I need more hours in the day, more money, more energy, and more patience.  I need to find the right balance between all of the different hats I wear.  With all this said, I love my two kids  and husband more than anything, but I did find a great post by a different blogger who sums life with two kids up pretty well.  Take a peak...you'll relate I'm sure.


I have so much I want to update here on the blog, and I will get to it, it just may be a Christmas post when it's summer, but it will happen.  The kids are great, the house is great, life is good!

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Karen said...

I remember those days Jodi......exhausting, but also the best days ever. Somehow it gets a little easier, but i think it's just because you get used to it. Then....they go to college and you think...just what was it that I thought was so important that I wanted to do? Enjoy! (and let the dust build up.) love you. ~karen