Monday, January 16, 2012

Catch Up - Fall 2011

I am so far behind in my blogging, which does not feel too far off base from how I feel day to day.   We've had a great fall and start to winter.  Here is just a brief review of the Halloween season.  Jenna was so excited for Halloween this year and it was quite a decision on what she was going to dress up as. 

Jenna begged to carve the pumpkins, she was just as excited to bake and eat the seeds too. 

Grant and I at Papa's Pumpkin Patch.  He loved running around and doing all the kid activities, but I think his favorite was eating a donut and drinking cider...typical Grant!

Jenna's finished product, which was displayed proudly on our front porch.

Happy Halloween 2011 - Jenna was Bat Girl and Grant was a Bat. 

Jenna loved Trick-or-Treating this year, but she liked handing out candy at our house even more.  She cried when 8:00 came it was over.  Grant made it for about 30 minutes then he was cold and tired.  I can't imagine how weird Halloween is for a 16 month old. 

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