Friday, March 4, 2011

So Proud

Let me preface this by saying, no my daughter is not perfect. Yes we are dealing with attitude, lying, teasing, and all the other stuff that's normal for a four year old. But...Jenna is compassionate, sensitive, caring, and thoughtful too. I'm so proud to call her my daughter.

The other day when I picked her up from preschool her teacher, who Jenna adores, Miss Erica, pulled me aside. Oh man, I thought...what did she say or do today?! Erica preceded to tell me that earlier in the day she was trying to get the attention of all the preschoolers. While they are usually pretty good at responding to her, that particular day they were rowdy, noisy, and not responding to the typical things Erica tries.

Erica is sensitive and started to get upset. She said she noticed Jenna watching her, and then Jenna stood up and said:

"Friends! Miss Erica is sad. We're hurting her feelings. We need to listen or she will be sad and might not come back!"

So, my sweet Jenna got control of the preschool and helped her teacher. Erica said her eyes filled with even more tears after Jenna said that. She was so touched that Jenna would stand up for her.

I was a proud Mom when she told me that story! Here is a pic of Jenna being a baby doctor, which is what she wants to be when she grows of today at least.


Red Charlotte said...

What a sweet little story and even sweeter picture!

Misaki said...

It's always the little things, isn't it?^^ That's so adorable and really admirable of such a young person. She's really brave. =O