Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge Getaway

We decided to do an overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark. Jenna has only been asking to go for months...every single weekend...every time we ask her what she wants to do. She was so excited when we told her where we were headed.

We were a little nervous with how Grant would do, but he did great! He's such a little trooper. He enjoyed the water and all the noise and people to watch.

Jenna with her Wolf Ears and her magic wand.

Out of all my attempts, the ONLY good picture of Jenna and Grant together.

Don't ask me what this pose is...

This water thing is fun!

This is apparently her supermodel walk

I brought my camera and managed to get a few cute pictures. I wanted to take more and also hoped to get a family picture, but that didn't happen.
While it was a fun trip there was not one moment of relaxing for me and Erik, couple that with a bad nights sleep and we were so excited to be home sleeping in our bed the next night.


zvonejn said...

hey very interesting post..keep up the good work. ;)

Annie said...

Jodi! I love that we can follow each others blogs now!!

Looks like fun...but I know how you feel. We took Blake to Great Wolf just before Olivia was born for one last trip as a family of 3. It was fun...but not much of a "vacation" for mom and dad :)!!

Red Charlotte said...

I totally know that feeling of just wanting to get to your own bed!