Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dear Jenna, 35 months

Dear Jenna,
You are now past the 35 month mark! You are closer and closer to officially being 3! We are planning your little birthday party, princess themed of course, and you couldn't be more excited.

Now, for the last three years parents have been telling me, not to believe the term "Terrible Two's", because it really is "Torturous Three's". I am starting to think they were on to something. You are coming up with an major ATTITUDE lately and sometimes I'm just not sure what to do! Just yesterday, your report from daycare was the following:

Jenna wouldn't even take one bite of lunch. She screamed and cried until she was gagging and said she only wanted her milk and to be excused.

Jenna didn't take a nap (she usually naps for 2-3 hours a day at school).

Jenna pushed a couple of kids today.

OMG! Is this my sweet little Jenna?! We had a long talk last night and I hope to see better behavior today. You uses phrases like "Just leave me alone!", "You're driving me crazy!", "No, I am NOT going to do that."

I know you are testing me, and doing it daily! But, then at times you are still so sweet and will just want to cuddle. I'm praying this is just a stage.

So, while this letter isn't all roses, it's the truth. Through it all, I still love you more than words can say. Your Daddy and I are so proud of you and your spunky personality. I look at you some days and can't believe you are the same little itty baby we brought home from the hospital almost three years ago. You are tall, smart, beautiful, outgoing, active, and all the other things three year olds are! So, my little princess, enjoy your last month as a two year old!

Love always,



Amy said...

Wow she is getting big. Look at her with her big girl cup.

Lauren Kelly said...

With attitude and all, you have to admit, she's one cute almost three year old!!!! You can just see her spunk and personality through the pictures!!! :)

Jen said...

She is getting really big!

Does that happen to be a Starbucks cup she Jenna is holding? Love it!!

In my "professional" opinion out of many many years working with children I would agree. Sometimes yes, three is worse than two. But worse in a good way. They are starting to become little people and I think that is just amazing. Don't worry though, it is only a phase.

Can't wait to see pictures from her birthday party.