Monday, July 20, 2009

Dear Jenna: 31 months

Dear Jenna,

Wow, you are closer to three than to two. You have turned into a little girl somewhere over the last couple of months. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but it did. Since you are tall, people often think you are older than you are, and then when you say you are two-and-a-half they always comment on how well you can talk. Of course, I am proud of you, and so happy to be your mom.

This past month you've finally started to be able to reach the pedals on your bike. You like to pedal and ride but only if it's on a sidewalk that is not going up or down. If you have to pedal up a hill you get mad and frustrated and stop. If you go down a hill on your bike you get going to fast and get scared I think. You stop and say you're all done. But, soon enough, you will tell yourself out loud to try again!

You also just moved into a big girl bed. Another post on this will be coming later, but you're doing pretty good with it. Your room is a little girl room now, not a baby room. It was a little sad taking down your crib. You are so proud of yourself and love your bed!

You've proven to be quite a social butterfly. If there is conversation going on that you aren't involved in, you will quickly change that but saying, "What's going on over there? What are you guys doing?" You know every one's name at daycare and talk about your friends often. Also, any little kid you see is automatically your friend. Whether you know them or not, you want to go see your friend.

When it comes to potty training you are quite stubborn. You like the idea of big girl underwear, but not so much the idea of the potty. Everyone tells me you will just do it one day when you are ready. Well, that can come any time... I've even gone as far to tell you we will have a Potty Party when you are potty trained. This was a mistake, the night I told you that, you would not go to bed. I heard you in your room...

"I have a potty party, with cake and frosting. Yum....I LOVE frosting! And friends, Evan, Kate, Bailey. And can I have birthday hats too?! I love parties. And candy at the potty party?!"

I suppose it's time to fess up, that you also seem to be a bit spoiled. You have such a good memory that if you do something once you are sure to remember it every time you are reminded of it. You ask us all the time to go back to the waterpark. Another example, one Sunday morning we were grocery shopping and I let you have a doughnut to eat while we shopped, now Heaven Forbid you don't get a doughnut EVERY TIME WE GO TO THE STORE! I just hope every parent that sees my hot pink frosting stained, two year old child in the cart, will sympathise with me.

Well, my little peanut, you have grown into a fun, high energy, enthusiastic, smart, beautiful little girl! I love you so much and you continue to make me laugh every single day! I don't know what I'd do without you (besides have lots of extra money and time) and I love being your Mommy. I look forward to learning and growing with you!

Love always,

Your Mommy


Amy said...

Many changes and mild stones are being meet. That is wonderful..

Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, she's so stinkin precious and love that picture of you two!! :)

Jen said...

Those pictures are great! The one of the two of you is just great.

Jenna is sure growing up fast and is gets cuter all of the time.

Thanks for sharing these letters with us. They will be fun for you to share with Jenna when she gets older.

Hope you are feeling better. If you want to talk just let me know. I'm here if you want to.

Ginette said...

Happened upon your blog...and this is too precious. Sweet pics.