Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear McDonald's

Dear McDonald's:

Why must you ruin my morning? I had just enough time to run through your convenient drive-thru and get myself a medium non-fat sugar-free vanilla cappuccino. I pay my $3.06 and wait for my delicious treat. I get to work, take a sip, and IT'S. WRONG. It is not vanilla at all, let alone sugar-free! It's just gross and I'm not going to drink it! I hate to be "that lady" but I am going to call and talk to the manager. From now on, I am also going to have to re-ask at the window, "So, this is non-fat, sugar-free right!?!?!" That is if I even go there anymore for my treat!

Okay, I'm feeling a little better, I called and talked to a manger. She apologized and told me that must have been frustrating. I appreciate her answer in terms of customer service. She wrote my name down and I can come again for free drink or meal.

An upset costumer, who really can't stop visiting you since my daughter LOVES "donalds fries!"


That Girl said...

oh I hate that! I get that all the time from McDonalds....the wrong order, not the drink.
Hope your day gets better!

Lauren Kelly said...

I tell you, it's a given that your order is going to be messed up somehow when you go through places like that, and nonethless when you're really anticipating the treat! It's a very sad, but true fact, unfortunately :o( Hope you have a great day!!!! :o)

Jaime & Jamee said...

I understand your frustration. After one too many trips back to McD's and other fast food joints, I too am a window, double checker. Even after asking I'm digging through the bag right before leaving the parking lot...UGH!