Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Grant,

Dear Grant,
You are 21 months! You're almost two years old. You are such a fun kid, and ALL boy.  You love trucks, airplanes, dinosaurs, Elmo, balls, sticks, and eating.  It's so fun to watch you explore and learn new things.  You're talking more and more, putting words into sentences, and even throwing a couple tantrums now and then. 

Picture from Jenna's 5th Birthday in December

You love your big sister (Sissy) so much, she is the first person you ask about in the morning and cannot go to bed without a kiss and hug from all of us.  I know a time will come when you fight like crazy so I'm trying to soak up the moments now.

His "cheesy" smile, LOVE him!
We never have a dull moment with you, you're on the go, being fearless, pushing your limits, and being goofy all the time.  You love to wrestle with Sissy and Daddy, then you will come right over, plop in my lap and want to read.  You love dancing and singing too.

The first and only snowman we got to build this winter, hardly any snow!
Some of your favorites:
Food - scrambled eggs, banana's, Mandarin oranges, fruit snacks, noodles, ham, string cheese, blueberries, white cheddar mac'n'cheese, waffles
Things - Elmo, trucks, airplanes, tractors, dinosaurs, small dogs, books, and of course blankie (ne-ne) and your small Elmo doll
Daddy's hat and fleece, they almost fit honey!
Shows/Videos - Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, any Elmo song video on You Tube, The Cars Movie
Favorite Words/Sayings - Love you, Sissy, Where'd it go?, Outside, Shoes on, waffles and milk, A truck...beep beep, thank you, a book, all done, excuse me

Love babies in pj' cute!
In March you had tubes put in your ears.  We hated putting you through that, but you are seriously like a new kid.  You had so many sick days and fussy moments before, and things have been so much better after.  The ENT doctor said you had a ton of fluid in your ears, and he wouldn't be surprised if you could hear and speak better too.  You were such a trooper and the hardest part (which we were warned about) was you coming our of anesthesia.  You just cried and cried and were so out of it.  Even by that afternoon you seemed happier.

Grant - before surgery to get tubes put in.  March 2012
Grant - we love you so much!  You complete our family and watching you and Jenna grow up together is so fun.  You're such a sweet little boy and I "Lull Yu" very very much!

Love always,
Your Mom

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