Sunday, November 13, 2011

Marco Island 2011

We  just returned from vacation last night.  It was a lot of fun, but with both kids, not quite relaxing.  My mom came with us for 1/2 the trip and that helped a lot and was great!  The kids had lots of fun, Jenna became a fish and would have spent every second in the pool or on the beach if we let her.  Grant felt the ocean for the first time and liked walking around chasing birds and lizards. 

They did so good on the travel days.  We were saved by dum dum suckers.  Grant and I were sticky messes but it kept him from fussing.  Jenna had her first jet ski experience, on some choppy waters, she was a bit scared, we only made it about 15 minutes and Erik rode the rest of the time by himself. 

These are pictures from my phone, I'll add more later:

The only family picture we got the whole trip! 

My new favorite of the kids, and their outfits even coordinate!

Grant livin' the dream!

Looking for good shells

LOVE this one...Grant's first steps in the ocean

Jenna had fun drawing in the sand

My attempt at trying to keep Grant covered up.  He kept taking off his hat and throwing it in the water

Aww...nice and relaxing!


Gloria said...

Your kids are so cute Jodi! I love the one of Jenna and Grant with their back to the camera in the ocean! Precious! And I love the design of your page!

Amy said...

how fun.. Your children are getting so big..