Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy First Birthday Grant!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Grant! We all had so much fun at your party! It was a hot day, but we had a tent with tables and chairs underneath. You're lucky to have so many friends and family who stopped by or called you! I can't believe you're one, you're such a big boy. You're taking more and more steps everyday and we enjoy you more and more everyday too! Love you buggy!

Grant got lots of presents, now we just have to find places for everything!

He was not too excited about having to wait to dig into the cake until we got done signing Happy Birthday!

Cute Monkey cake, Grant LOVED it!

Yummy cupcakes

Wonderful Monkey cookies! Yum!

And...his first time eating cake was a success! He dug right in!

Yummy! This is good stuff!

What?! I'm not THAT messy!

This cake is making me thirsty!

Family photo, we're all kinda smiling, I'd call that a success!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Grant! I can't believe you ONE!! Honestly where does the time go??

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Grant!!!! What great cake smash photos.