Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gone too soon

For whatever reason (must have been a bad moment) Erik decided on Saturday at Meijer that he wanted to get Jenna a little goldfish. Every time we go to the store she looks at the fish. We don't have any pets in the house, and at least for a while, we don't plan on it.

When Erik said he wanted to get Jenna a fish I said "Fine, but I am having nothing to do with it, I won't clean the bowl or anything."

He said okay, and they picked out the stuff and a little goldfish. Jenna was so excited she was practically screaming for joy in the store. She even picked out a little castle for the bowl so the fish had a house.

She decided to name the fish Carrot Nose (don't ask me why) and we went home. They got it all set up and she had her fish. Of course, the reputation for Mejier goldfish is not the best, but Erik said, "It's only .19 cents, we'll get another one."

By Saturday night it was already kinda laying low in the bowl, squirming it's way into the rocks at the bottom. Not a good sign. But, Sunday morning we woke up and he was swimming around, and when Jenna fed him, he seemed happy. She just loved this fish, always talking to him, and wanted to take him out and "scratch his body." Again, don't ask me where she got this.

Monday morning I woke up and Carrot Nose was a goner! Of course Erik is in the shower when Jenna wakes up, making me the person who has to explain why her fish is floating on the top and not moving when she shakes the bowl. UGH!

I tried to tell her he was sick and missed his friends and family at the store. She said,
"But I love him and I miss him. He will be my buddy forever! I want him to feel better." It was so sad! She had a few sad moments, and told Erik about it, then after daycare that day she came home and Carrot Nose and his belongings were all gone. She asked about it and was sad, then just moved on!

So, our first experience with a loss and she did pretty well! Now Erik is back to his senses and we will not be replacing Carrot Nose as of now.


Amy said...

you should get a beta they are easy to take care of and do not die as fast. I have had mine for two years.

Lauren Kelly said...

A gone fish can be totally traumizing! Even at the age of 25, LOL... I've had quit a few goners in my fish bowl at work, ha!

Kristyn said...

I love the name Carrot Nose!! LOL!!! I'm cracking up!! So sad to hear Carrot Nose is no longer with us...