Monday, December 14, 2009

Jenna's 3rd Birthday Party

Jenna will forever have a birthday close to Christmas! This year we celebrated with some friends a bit earlier. Here are some of the fun pictures. She had a blast!

The Birthday Girl! All ready for the party!

She LOVED her princess cake, and couldn't wait until it was time to eat it.

Celebrate! Happy Birthday to Me!

The kids playing one of her new games.

An almost 3 year old Jenna holding a newborn Jenna picture. Is that the same kid?

Clapping while singing "Happy Birthday!"

It's almost cake time!!!

Aren't those the cutest tights!? She was wearing her "Party dress."

Opening and opening presents. She will be doing a lot of the the next couple of weeks!

Stay tuned for more pictures because the day after her party, Jenna got her first haircut! A cute little bob! I LOVE it!!!


Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, looks like she had a birthday fit for a princess!!!! :)

Amy said...

happy birthday...

That Girl said...

aww hope she had a great birthday!