Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Give us a break!!

Please...give us a break! No more hospital visits, surgeries, medical issues...We've each had our share now! I had my miscarriage, Erik has his stay in the hospital for chest pains, and now Jenna! Of course, I would have gladly broken my leg if she wouldn't have had to go through this, but it didn't happen like that! We deserve a break! Of course, yes, things could have been worse, but it has just been draining the last couple of months.

Last week was awful! Jenna fell at school and chipped and fractured her front tooth vertically, which resulted in surgery on Friday morning to remove the tooth. It was painful physically and emotionally for all of us! Our beautiful little girl now has a big gap in her smile and most likely will until her permanent tooth comes in. The tooth is actually in two pieces! She was sedated and had an IV and then proceeded to get sick after coming out of the anesthetic. We are doing a follow up to see if there is a bridge or spacer they can put in, until then we are letting her heal! She is as cute as ever to me and was SUCH a trooper through the whole process.

Here are a few pictures.

The last picture I took of Jenna with her smile and teeth intact!

The tooth and chin after the fall at daycare.

Her smile this morning after surgery!


Lauren Kelly said...

Aww, poor girl, but she is still as precious as EVER!!! :)

Amy said...

Oh poor little one. What a fall she had.

Jen said...

Ouch!! The picture of her poor little chin and her tooth made me cringe a little. It looks so painful.

Yeah, you guys have been through your fare share of stuff the last few months, I would say you deserve a break. (oops...that was a bad pun, didn't mean that)

Jenna is just as cute as ever!

Jen said...

Poor Baby!! She seems to have bounced back great!! She looks as cute as always in the last picture! Hope she heals quickly and you all have NO more incidents for awhile!!