Friday, April 17, 2009

Something in the freezer

"I need something in the freezer!"

This is a line we are hearing quite often out of Jenna. Now, I would think most "normal" two year-olds would be referring to ice cream, Popsicles, even Tatar tots. Nope, not Jenna. She wants an ice pack or "quack quack ice". Quack quack ice is a frozen teething toy.

Every time she gets hurt or even gets her feelings hurt, these are the words we hear come out of her mouth. She will get the ice pack and put it on her toe, finger, head, whatever, and then say, "Aah...there, that's better!"

Where the poor child got this from...SCHOOL! They have frozen wet sponges in the freezer in plastic baggies for when kids get hurt. She loves it!

So, now who's laughing that I had yet to get rid of the teething toys in the freezer even though my daughter is almost 28 months old?!?! It's a much better alternative to real ice, which melts and makes messes!


Executive Momma said...

I am a new blogger and first time commenter. I just love your blog. Your family is so goregous! I am excited to be an official blogger and not a lurker anymore! :)

Lauren Kelly said...

Tooo funny!!! Jenna is just precious, and I know I sound like a broken record, but she is and I'm sure you don't mind hearing it :)

Holly said...

So sweet. I want you to know I love hearing stories about your family. You guys are awesome! You my dear are an awesome mommy.

Amy said...

I think it is the best thing to have around. I have some ice packs that look like stars, hearts, and my little one loves to have them around. Like you said it is much better than ice.

Whitney said...

That's so cute! Yay for Jenna!!